The Norwegian Design Council, seminar for the maritime industry 2011

The Norwegian Design Council arranged a design seminar for the maritime industry November 12. This seminar described how the maritime industry creates innovation and harvest success by use of design as a strategic tool, and how innovation by design is a systematic and user related process with a conceptual perspective. I was invited to talk about the process and the end result of the K-Master operation station designed for Kongsberg Maritime.

Hareide Design has for the last 10 years played a major role in designing for the maritime business together with clients like Rolls-Royce Marine, Kongsberg Maritime, Berg Propulsion, Lilaas, Br. Aa and Fjellstrand.

The maritime business an highly advanced one, with very strong demands on safety, environment and function while retaining a strong identity. This creates unique challenges and opportunities highlighted and explained in my presentation.

Klick the link below to watch the keynote. 

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