Alu Design & Services

At Hareide Design I have worked with Alu Design & Services with many clients; Aker Solutions, Havyard, Kongsberg Maritime and numerous projects for their own brand.

Alu Design & Services is a strong competitive force in the maritime industry, and has become the leading manufacturer of marine seating in only a few years. Their focus is being the best in what they do, and stop for nothing. The result is a portfolio of excellent products of high standard and craftsmanship without compromise.

-That is something I do like!

Here are some images of various design work I have done for Alu design & Services.


2011, Armrest for captains chair


11-05-26_Armlener_Renderings_42011, Logo detail on armrest for captains chair

11-05-26_Armlener_Renderings_12011, Stitchwork on armrest for captains chair

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